Illiteratty plays benefit for Sutikalh & Ulluilsc @ Grandview Calvary Baptist Church
Nov 27 @ 5:30 am – 9:00 pm

Monday Nov 27th 5:30PM-9:00PM
Calvary Baptist Church 1803 East 1st Ave.

Join us to support and learn more about St’át’imc villages Sutikalh & Ulluilsc (both are located close to Lillooet BC). Two different stands being made to protect unceded and unsurrenderd St’át’imc lands and waters from destructive developments that do not have consent from the St’át’imc people as a whole.

Both Sutikalh and Ulluilsc are places of healing and decolonizing for people from all four directions, while creating an opportunity for St’át’imc people to return home to live on the land.

The main fundraising goals at this time are to support the payment of one year’s service fees for an emergency satellite phone at Ulluilsc and also towards the purchase of a no impact wind tower for generating renewable electricity at Sutikalh. Both villages also require a sawmill. (50% of money raised will go to Sutikalh and %50 to Ulluilsc).

Christine Jack – Caretaker of the Land at Ulluilsc (A Voice for the Voiceless Camp) will be in attendence to talk about her experience of going home to live on the land. There will be time for Q&A.

Hosted by Mlo:yhleq
Deer Stew (Vegetarian options available)
Live music!
Short video from Sutikalh
Arts & Crafts table for children
More Details TBA

Raffle items will be on display for a silent auction throughout the night. The card raffle started at the last fundraiser by Christine for the Drum she made along with other items will be drawn at the end of the night. (We are also requesting items to be donated for raffle and auction)

Entrance by Donation (No One Turned Away)

Cash donations will be accepted. We also encourage people to bring non-perishable food items (Non gluten pastas), brown rice, spices, canned or dried meat, candles, batteries.

Wish list items: Tractor (used or borrowed), Alaskan mill x2, mason jars, Rubbermaid containers for storage.

Wheelchair accessible

Endorsed by:
Defensa del Ixofillmogen
International Human Rights Association of American Minorities(IHRAAM)
Streams of Justice
Wild Salmon Caravan

This event takes place on Unceded Coast Salish Lands & Waters

For more information please see the below background summary or visit the Facebook page for Ulluilsc: A Voice for the Voiceless camp… or visit
Background: For the past 17 years, Sutikalh (home of the winter spirit), has prevented a $500,000,000 ski resort from being developed in the Melvin Creek Valley. Hubie Jim and Doug Dan have been maintaining a small village at Sutikalh with many people coming and going from all four directions, being part of what Hubie describes as “reclaiming the land, taking it away from the corporate world and building community where everyone is taken care of.” Doug is an elder who lives there most of the time alongside Hubie who lives there year round at the foot of the mountain to protect the animals, plants and water for future generations. Often dealing with harassment from locals who wish to not see them there. They pack water and clean up the forest daily to have firewood for warmth, cooking and the sacred fire that has been burning for 17 years.

Early in 2015, loggers from Aspen Planers Company desecrated an ancient village site during an illegal clear cut and dumped a huge slash pile into salmon-bearing Junction creek. St’át’imc elders Ken Thomas and Albert Joseph took action to prevent any further desecration by asking Christine Jack to set up camp at Junction Creek to heal and protect these lands and waters. For Christine, Ulluilsc is a place for people to come together – “We’ve become Ulluilsc – not just Chris or Kenny”. This stand is not just about preventing clear cutting, but also about revitalizing a way of life.

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